M.A.S.I Clean Room – Lambeth Wing

Client Kings College London St Thomas Campus
Value £570K
Contract Design & Development
Project Manager Kings College London
Architect Wilsons & Masons
Main Contractor 8Build
M&E Consultant MSL

The New Clean room on the 4th floor of Lambeth wing will be being used for Medical research. The project consists of a new facility to provide two manufacturing spaces. The facility aims to facilitate the clinical translation of complex, medium- high risk medical.

Due to the high patient risk associated to these types of devices, the manufacturing spaces in MAISI will be cleanroom suites compliant with 14644, to provide a controlled environment and minimise possible particle and biological contamination. Pre-assembling activities will happen in adjacent shared preparation room (PR-1), classified as ISO-8.  The manufacturing of electronic components is intended to occur in the cleanroom for active implants (CR-2), classified as ISO-7.

The cleanroom dedicated to the manufacturing of multi-modal invasive devices will have a laminar flow cabinet ISO-5 to create an aseptic condition that is essential for the cases when this is a product/manufacturing requirement. The surrounding area is being designed to be ISO-7 and will provide an additional barrier of protection, following sterile manufacturing guidelines.

The processes with a particle generating nature (e.g. laser cutting, soldering) will have a dedicated extraction unit with the have filters (the last stage being a HEPA H14) that will treat the air.

Project Highlights:

– Pressure cascades across rooms.

– Filtered supply clean air and recirculation

– Laboratory gas supply and extract system

– Building Management System (BMS)

– Interlocking doors

– Osmosis Water supply

– Variable air volume supply & extract system

– Dedicated Fume extract cabinets