Customer Feedback

This was our first experience of working with MSL their performance and professionalism throughout the whole of the project has been excellent. Their management supervisors and site staff have all shown a common commitment in providing a good quality finished project.

The best services contractor in our experience. Consistent over a twenty year period. We have found MSL to be proactive, helpful and positive team members and that they act at all times in the best interest of the project. Their attention to detail particularly in high end residences has proved to be a significant benefit both in terms of program and avoidance of costs. I would welcome the opportunity to work with MSL in the future.

We have worked closely with MSL for a number of years They are a well structured, professional company. The culture of the company is one of co-operation and helpfulness. They are consistently proactive and positive approach with a non-confrontational attitude and willingness to provide solutions to everyday problems that occur on site is always most helpful to us. It is difficult to state performance without it appearing to have been written by someone with a vested interest in MSL. Their philosophy appears to be to install and make the project a success for all rather than being contractual at every turn.

MSL are liked and respected by the the Clients, Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Main Contractors they work with. It has been a pleasure working with MSL. Their commitment to doing the job properly through adequate resource and input in advance of starting on site and proactive approach to resolving site issues is really refreshing. They manage to be both friendly and helpful as well as maintaining a professional approach that gets the job done.